1928 Anatoliy Vasilyevich Teleshov was born on the 4th November in Klintsy town, Russia.

1934 The Family moved in Primorsky Krai.

1947-1952 The years of studying at the Art College in Vladivostok studied Primorsky Regional Art College. His teachers in painting: Mikhail Kostin and Vasily Zdanovich.

1952-1954 Teleshov worked as a school teacher of drawing in secondary school N 37 in Vladivostok.

1952 Teleshov entered the professional group of artist "Vsekokhudozhnik".

1954 His first visit to Academicheskaya Dacha named after I.Repin took place. Teleshov would work here several times during the following decades.

1961 The artist joined the Union of Artists of the USSR .

1961 Married Violetta Petrovna Plotnikova .

1962-1975 He become a member of the Primorsky organization of the Union of Artists.

1968 Participated in the Congress of Artists of Russia in Moscow (also participated in the IV, V, VI Congresses of Russian Artists).

1970 Since that time he would spend every warm season in Andreevka Village, Primorsky region.

1975 -1982/1984-1988 Teleshov was elected to the Chairman of the Board of the Primorsky organization of the Union of Artists.

1980 Teleshov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russia.

1981-1982/1984 -1988 Teleshov was elected as a member of the Artistic expertise committee.

1985 Teleshov participated in work o the United Plenum of the Board of the Union of Artists of the USSR in Moscow. He was awarded the jubilee medal "For Valiant Labor" (1970) , the order "Badge of Honor" (1985).

1990 Died on the 23d of July, 23, buried in the Memorial Marine Cemetery in Vladivostok.


Arсtiсugol, Shpitzbergen Island.

Department of Culture of Administration of Primorye Territory, Vladivostok.

Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk.

Kamchatka Reginal Art Museum, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Museum – Exhibition Center, Zabaikalski region, Chita.

Navy Museum, Vladivostok.

Association “The Art of the Peoples of the World.” Zhuchinsk, Kazakhstan.

Primorsky State Picture Gallery, Vladivostok.

Republican Еxhibition Hall, Yoshkar Ola.

Russian Fund of Culture, Primorye affiliate. Vladivostok.

Sakhalin Regional Art Museum, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Simpheropol Regional Art Museum, Simpheropol.

Vladimir K. Arseniev Museum of Far East History, Vladivostok.

State Museum Exhibition Center “ROSIZO,” Moscow.

Other museums of Russia and abroad.


China, France, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States.

"The evolution of Teleshov’s art shows the process of climbing the steps of the decades in the direction of growing his skill and his reach to perfection. That was the way of returning to himself, the way of gaining an individual view of life that left a bright and memorable sign in the history of Russian painting."

~ Vitaliy Kandyba

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